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I was tied up like this!

Almost like this!

Sort of like this!

It was fun :3

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the new harry potter movie looks interesting

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Stamina Training: It might not seem like it but you can take this on the high speed without cumming for 10 minutes. I know you can. I’m sure you will. I won’t give up on you, we’ll try again and again until you succeed.

Try not to cum at all, though. Try not to imagine how I can simply drip lube through the top to make sure this never stops feeling amazing, how fucking sensitive the tip of your cock is going to be if you cum, because if you do cum, I’m still going to keep stroking this vibrating, squeezing tube back and forth over just the tip and that sensitive spot under your glans. But don’t worry, I won’t be disappointed, we’ll just keep trying. All night, if we have to.

Oooh, so you seem so close already! Are you ready for me to switch this to “high” so we can get started, or do you want a few more minutes on “low” first?

That would be so intense!!!! For some reason I still want to try it though!!!!!


Shall we try this, my precious?

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i dont give ordinary blowjobs hun. i give wutherjobs



hachimitsulemon answered: Prompt: John riding Sherlock on his armchair?

diifinity answered: John riding Sherlock hard and both of them enjoying it very much pleeeeease. *_*

holmosexuality answered: toplock pleasee


Ahoy it is A Jockstrap ahead in these Dangerous Waters matey

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